7 awesome Grottos

For a taste of real traditional cuisine, an essential local experience is dining at a Ticinese grotto. Once stone cellars where wine and cheeses were stored, today grottos are simple restaurants serving local cuisine to residents and visitors alike. If you are looking for a big portion of succulent local dishes, breath taking views, antique cooking methods and lively ambiences then read on for some top tips to help you embark on a culinary journey around the Lake Maggiore and its valleys. Buon appetito!

Osteria Ferriroli, Tenero-Contra

Locals consider Osteria Ferrioroli to be Ticino’s best location to enjoy grilled meats. Situated in Contra, a short drive into the mountains above Locarno, this restaurant is renowned for its range of juicy cuts, signature risottos, as well as its peaceful terrace, immersed in the wonderful alpine surroundings.

Via Contra 701,
6646, Switzerland
091 745 11 14


Grotto Baldoria, Ascona

This fuss-free gem in the heart of Ascona is your chance to experience an authentic family-run grotto atmosphere. À la carte is not the modo operandi of Baldoria (which means ‘good times’ in Italian); instead, trust the kitchen’s daily menu of Ticinese cuisine for a simple 7-course culinary journey – you won’t be disappointed!

Via Sant'Omobono 9,
6612 Ascona, Switzerland
091 791 32 98


Grottino La Baita, Magadino

Traditional cuisine with a refined twist is what awaits diners at Grottino La Baita. Winner of the Best Of Swiss Gastro Award in 2015, chef Gianluca delights his guests with mouth watering creations, ranging from classic ossobuco to black truffle and fois gras risotto. The venue is well-situated, convivial and intimate. Booking is recommended.

Via Orgnana 75,
6573 Magadino, Switzerland
091 780 43 38


Grotto Broggini, Losone

Grotto Broggini’s interior may not look like that of a typical Tessiner eatery, but the warmth with which the team welcomes guests will immediately settle you into the relaxed ambience of the southern Canton. Known amongst connoisseurs for serving the best roast chicken in the region, this venue is spacious and exceptionally family-friendly.

Via San Materno 18,
6616 Losone, Switzerland
091 791 15 67


Grotto America, Ponte Brolla

Nested in the stunning Valle Maggia, this establishment was first opened over 200 years ago. Owner Dado Buvoli, a local legend himself, serves delicious local dishes made from the valley’s produce. The setting is unique (traditional stone tables overlooking the river, surrounded by vibrant nature) and concerts regularly take place on summer evenings.

Via ai Grotti 71,
6652 Ponte Brolla, Switzerland
091 796 23 70


Osteria Borei, Brissago

A well-graded secret amongst locals, Osteria Borei is located at the top of a narrow and curvy uphill road. Those who dare to face the windy drive are highly rewarded by Borei’s breathtaking views over the Lago Maggiore. Try the risotto, the home-made raviolis or the traditional brasato.

Via Ghiridone 77,
6614 Brissago, Switzerland
091 793 01 95


Grottino Ticinese, Losone

Locals and seasonal visitors alike love Grottino Ticinese for the authenticity of both its cuisine and its ambience. Don’t miss the polenta, cooked in the typical copper pot over an open flame, the horse fillet and the oss da mòrt biscuits. On Sundays, the kitchen serves delectable roasted rabbit. This is one of the last restaurants to list menu items in Ticinese dialect, ensuring the language lives on.

Via S. Materno 10,
6616 Losone, Switzerland
091 791 32 30


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